We’ve all heard stories of friends who sold their homes for way above what they were asking.  If you’re getting ready to sell your home, don’t hope for a lucky break – take as many steps as you can to ensure you bring in as much as you can from the sale of your home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Inside, you want your home to be spotless.  Everyone has a certain level of dirt that they’re comfortable with, but when selling your home, go crazy with the cleaning.  Dust baseboards and shelves, spots on floors, and oil splashes in the kitchen – they all have to go. 

Consider hiring a professional cleaner to go through and do it properly.

Outside your home, the same thing applies.  Cut your grass, trim the hedges, hide any random objects like toys, lawn tools, and garbage cans. 


Painting is probably the number one upgrade you can do to your home in terms of cost/benefit.  Wiping down your walls helps, but painting them with trendy, modern colours will REALLY help.  Nothing is cleaner than a fresh coat of paint, and it’ll really make everything inside your home pop.


You want your rooms to be bright and inviting.  Make sure all your bulbs work, and even consider upping the wattage a bit if you’re used to your rooms being a bit darker.  Consider ambient lighting as well, which can really help create a particular mood in your rooms.


Hiring a professional stager will give you incredible results, and is almost always worth the investment.  If you’re not sure about paying them, try to find one who will charge just for a consultation.  Sometimes for just a couple hundred dollars a stager will come and give you a report of what they’d change and how they’d do it.  This might be specific paint colours, what to take out completely, what to add, and what to move.

Don’t assume your quirky mixed furniture that you bought at that flea market is going to charm everyone.  You want the broadest appeal while emphasizing the comfort and spaciousness of your home. 

Remove Photos And Pet Evidence

Everyone loves dogs right?  And who wouldn’t want to see that photo of your kids finger-painting in your kitchen?  Stop thinking like this.

No one wants to move into someone else’s home, and when people are shopping around, all they want is a house, not a repository for another family’s memories.  They don’t want to think about your kids in the kitchen, and they don’t want to think about dogs if they’re cat people, or pets in general if they don’t want pets.

Remove ALL family photos, knick-knacks you’ve collected, and basically anything personal.  If your agent or stager tells you to remove something, listen to them – they’re not emotionally invested in anything and will make better decisions than you.

Listen To The Experts

Your real estate agent should have some idea about staging if you don’t hire a stager.  Listen to their advice and make changes they suggest.  It’s normal to have strong feelings about your home, but you’re selling it and soon it will only be a memory.  Don’t impose your nostalgia on someone else – your goal is to make as much money as you can on this to help you realize your dreams for the future.  So listen to the stager, your agent, and any other professionals you interact with in this process.