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QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIs it really necessary to get a home inspection?
Anonymous Staff asked 8 years ago

Is it really necessary to get a home inspection?

I feel pretty confident that I am buying a home in great shape. Do I really need to get a home inspection and if so, why?

1 Answers Staff answered 8 years ago

A home inspection is always a good idea as it increases your chances of a successful purchase as well as makes this difficult and important decision easier on you, the home buyer.

Even though the home may appear to be in great shape. The inspector will determine the overall condition of the home by checking major components of the home that you may have missed, did not examine closely or are not familiar with. Some of the components the inspector will examine are the: attic, foundation, crawl space, ceiling, floor, electrical, heating, plumbing, and drainage. The inspectors report may point out major issues or repairs which can impact your buying decision. You may even be able to use the inspection to negotiate a better deal.

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